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POINTS: 14/15 – GOOD CASE ANALYSIS.YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS FOR THE AREAS OF CONCERN WERE GOOD SUGGESTIONS. PLEASE SEE MY COMMENTS AT THE END OF THE PAPER. Case Analysis 2 Webster University Abstract Paul, the former Director of Human Resources at the Utiliscan Company conducted an employee survey prior to leaving the organization. Based on the survey results, the Utiliscan Company is currently faced with determining approaches to resolve the employee’s concerns. When developing the plans to address the issues, the current financial condition of the company has to be considered. Based on the results from the survey, and keeping in mind Utiliscan budget restraints the less expensive issue that can be addressed first is the…show more content…
During the probationary period if the employee isn’t meeting the expectations then the employee could be subject to termination. The annual review will be performed to evaluate the employees’ progress towards the goals of Utiliscan. At this time the employee will have the opportunity to prepare a self-evaluation. The self-evaluation process provides the employees the opportunity to document their contributions and achievements. The manager will complete a review of the employees’ performance. The interim reviews give the managers an opportunity to provide mid-year feedback about an employee’s progress toward annual goals. The improved performance review process will also address the survey comments relating to the feeling there was little relationship between their performance and their pay. There will be a direct correlation between performance and pay. Based on the outcome of the annual reviews, employees will receive pay increases. At the annual merit raise time, performance factor, Utiliscan financial condition and the external market condition will be considered to determine the amount of the raise for each employee. The survey results had an overwhelming concern for opportunities to improve their skills. The less expensive approach to this issue is to setup rotational opportunities for the employees. There will be a formal rotational program were employees that are interested could participate. The employees will have the opportunity to perform

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