Utilitarian And Deontological View Of Ethics

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For this module 3 SLP, I will be discussing a moral issue in my workplace that I have actually seen myself. Apart from describing the various details of the issue, I will provide my position on the matter, as well as my reasoning for it. I will also that the considerations of this issue, and explore how it is that they relate to the utilitarian and deontological view of ethics. In doing so will cover who will be hurt, who will be benefitted, who’s rights are involved, who has special duties pertaining to this issue, and why I think that my position is the greatest good over the long haul. By accomplishing this, my position and reasoning on the ensuing moral issue will be better understood, allowing for a bigger and much more detailed picture of the issue. The moral issue at my place of work that I have decided to talk about involves when the life of a patient in a hospital should be allowed to pass. This is an issue I have experienced firsthand. I was providing care for a patient who was one hundred years old, could not communicate due to her fragility and advanced stage dementia, and was effectively classified as failure to thrive, (meaning she showed no signs of improvement and her condition was in a habitual state of deterioration). The patient had no living wills or advance directives in place, which are “written, legal instructions regarding your preferences for medical care if you are unable to make decisions for yourself.” (Mayo Clinic, 2014) Since she did…
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