Essay on Utilitarian View on Abortion

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Utilitarian View on Abortion Utilitarianism is the thought that actions are right if they benefit or bring happiness to a majority of the population. A utilitarian’s view on abortion could be that it is a good thing or a bad thing. They could argue that there is overpopulation in today’s society and around the world people are starving and going thirsty because of overpopulation. A utilitarian would say it would benefit the world’s population if a baby was aborted rather than taking another persons food. Another argument a utilitarian would make is that if a couple could not raise that child or would be alone (single parent) it would be better if they are aborted because it would put less of a burden on society having the mother not be…show more content…
There is a problem with overpopulation in the world and the abortion of unwanted children would help. Society as a whole could benefit from abortions in certain cases. I don’t think everyone who has an unplanned pregnancy should go out and get an abortion because if so many of the great minds of our generation would be but dirt in the ground. A teenage girl who gets pressured into an abortion because of all these statistics could suffer serious depression and issues and would never know if her unborn child could have been the next LeBron James or millionaire who reaches great success even though they suffered through hardships early in there life. A utilitarian view is just unrealistic and there is no way to see if it would benefit society or hurt it. Human potential is endless and people seem to succeed through many hardships daily we should not kill an innocent child because of statistics. You never know what could happen in the future if I have a child they could be the smartest person in the history of the world I would be against abortion if it were my own child. I think people should have a choice to do what they want and the government should not tell people what they can and cannot do with there bodies. Utilitarianism looks too much towards the future and how society will be impacted but there is no way to really know what will happen. You could not allow an abortion to a poor unloving
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