Utilitarianism And Deontological Ethics In The MovieExtreme Measures?

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Researching new medicines and discovering new techniques to heal people can be very difficult with all of the rules and stipulations placed on utilizing human subjects for study. In the movie, “Extreme Measures,” two doctors with opposing morals fight over what they believe is right. Dr. Lawrence takes more of a utilitarianism viewpoint, while Dr. Luthan takes a more strict position closer to Kant’s ethical system, deontological ethics. The movie contrasts utilitarianism and deontological ethics through the two opposing doctors and portrays Dr. Luthan as the most ethically correct. This considered, following the standards of moral literacy Dr. Luthan would be following the standards, while Dr. Lawrence would be in the wrong. Dr. Lawrence…show more content…
In this sense, Dr. Lawrence subconsciously utilizes the greatest happiness calculus. Dr. Luthan is an ordinary doctor with an extraordinarily inquisitive nature that finds one of his patients, Claude Minkins, missing after the patient mysteriously dies of unknown causes and with radical lab results. He begins asking about the mysterious case and asking questions surrounding Minkins inexplicable departure drawing attention from the TriPhase organization that had two patients escape. This began Dr. Luthan’s search for the hidden truth behind TriPhase and his discovery of the kind of research happening there. After discovering that Dr. Lawrence was conducting unlawful research and forcing homeless people to be his subjects, Dr. Luthan took a moral stance close to that of Kant’s deontological ethics. Kant’s ethics relied mostly on reason and a person’s sense of duty. In deontological ethics for something to be considered reasonable it must meet the criteria of being universal, autonomous, and it must not use others. With this, Dr. Luthan argues that Dr. Lawrence’s research is unethical because his research only chooses the homeless people that would not be missed when gone, meaning the moral is not universal, the research is also not autonomous because
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