Utilitarianism And Suicide

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Physician assisted suicide is a very controversial subject that no one would normally have to face, unless the situation arises when you or a loved one may be considering it after an accident or illness. I believe if we legalize the act, then families across the country may be put at ease to know their loved one is no longer suffering. One’s perception of the issue may change depending on how one analyzes differing theories’ opinions on assisted suicide. The topic of the legality of physician assisted suicide is brought up when you or a loved one is in critical condition or subject to a severe illness. The act is usually only brought up when the condition of the affected person isn’t likely to get any better. They affected person or the person’s…show more content…
Virtue ethics is what it sounds like and it is the belief that one should act to promote the most virtue and to apply this theory to this moral dilemma might be considered appropriate. One believer of this theory might think that helping someone commit suicide to end suffering is morally wrong because you are ending a life, while another believer might see it as being morally acceptable because you are helping someone no longer suffer and also helping the loved ones of said person no longer grief over their constant pain. Every actions’ morality is subjective to each person but I believe a true believer of this theory will see helping with the assisted suicide is acting in the best…show more content…
Ethics of care is the theory about actions that are morally correct or incorrect. Again, like virtue ethics, a follower of ethics of care would have to consider which decision is morally sound. Personally I believe that a true follower of this theory would see that helping end someone’s suffering is the decision that acts with the best morality because it is in agreeance with the one who’s life would be ended and committing the assisted suicide would be what they want and give the doer the satisfaction that they helped someone, which to me sounds like the morally correct thing to do besides continuing to let them suffer for an indeterminate amount of
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