Utilitarianism And The Consequences Of Asceticism

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Asceticism. Asceticism is a practice of severe self-discipline in order to obtain spiritual and religious goals (Brown, Garrels, & Reimer 2011, p. 380). It would be wrong according to this theory to seek anything worldly if it does not serve the purpose to enlighten oneself or help one spiritually to achieve their religious aspirations. This can be seen very negatively to those who lack self-control even though they might not practice gluttony when seeking interest that provide pleasure to them. This view of ethics does understand a certain part of the Scripture but it is directed toward the few who can handle this responsibility. The Christian perspective makes very clear that some have the ability to sustain from all things and commit themselves…show more content…
Utilitarianism is synonymous with consequentialism. This theory involves evaluating situations based on consequences “that provide the greatest good for the greatest number of people” (Kidwell & Kochanowski 2005, p. 141). A glimpse of utilitarianism can be seen in the form of a democracy. Not to mention, this theory has a gigantic flaw in the fact that it realizes on the fact that all consequences are based on factions that would have the largest number of members. By ignoring the minorities, the solutions to the consequences results on morality which varies according to the party an individual belongs to at the time. Utilitarianism from a business perspective fails to realize that focusing on producing goods more on individuals and the minorities can provide a competitive advantage allowing a company to gain more of the market share in customers. Unfortunately, utilitarianism does not coincide with the Christianity perspective on ethics. The Bible forewarns in Matthew 7:13-14 that one should not follow the masses because it will lead to destruction while if one chooses life they will have to travel the road less traveled. This might seem harsh but God wants to know that you choose Him over all things and that He is the center of life. Jesus makes it very clear in Luke 13: 22-30 that their will only be a few who will enter into heaven therefore it is wise not to participate in utilitarianism if the solution does not follow God’s will being done in that instance. One must remember that it is easier to give into the flesh however whenever one chooses the flesh they are choosing death according to Romans 8:13. Hedonism is a theory that seeks to solve the flawed utilitarianism by focusing on the individual
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