Utilitarianism And The Most Important Argument

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In this essay, I will be writing about utilitarianism and the most important notion that arises from it, which is that an action is morally right only if it maximizes the greatest good for the greatest number of people (Cahn, 114). First, I will explain what utilitarianism is, when and by whom it was originally created, and a brief explanation of what it stands for. I will then explain the two different types of classical utilitarianism and explain the differences between the two. Next, I will give two arguments to why the utilitarian position is not satisfactory. I will also be giving possible counter-arguments that the utilitarianisms would have stated and then my own arguments to these counter-arguments. I will then conclude the essay by stating my thesis again and by briefing the reader on the main topics which were covered in this essay. Utilitarianism is a theory which states that an action that brings the most good to the majority of people is the only action that is morally just (114). Utilitarianism is an old theory which has developed over the years (Driver, 2014). The two most important philosophers that gave birth to this theory were Jeremy Bentham and John Mill (Ibid). These two philosophers, who lived in the 18th and the 19th century, believed that human beings should always try to do something that would be the most beneficial not to just yourself, but to as many people as you can (Ibid). The utilitarianism that these Bentham and Mill worked on is currently
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