Utilitarianism And The Other One Is By Immanuel Kant And Norman E. Bowie

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he question about whether utilitarianism or Kantianism gives a more accurate understanding for our moral obligations is brought up there are two different arguments. One argument by Jeremy Bentham, John Stuart Mills and Andrew Gustafson is in favor of utilitarianism and the other one is by Immanuel Kant and Norman E. Bowie, which is in favor of Kantianism. With more information and knowledge on the two ethical theories, you will realize that Kantianism gives a more accurate understanding for our moral obligations. Utilitarianism is an action or practice that leads to the best possible outcome or consequence for all affected parties. To make that definition even easier to understand, it states that when the question regarding what a person…show more content…
Moreover Mills expresses that it is an unquestionable fact that, given equals access to all kinds of pleasures, people will prefer those that appeal higher (Ethical Theory and Business Practice, 2012). For example, a well-educated person would not choose to become unintelligent and a human being would not choose to become a rock. Overall utilitarianism is an ethical theory based on the consequences of any given situation and the purpose of this theory is to maximize pleasure while avoiding any harm. By knowing more about utilitarianism and what the essential features are how could this ethical theory be applied to the practice of business? If a business applies utilitarianism to the practice then they are trying to bring about the greatest happiness to the largest population in an organization. They are not only concerned with the short-term goals, but also looking forward to the future and what could potentially help them maintain the highest degree throughout. Higher pleasures are often lost due to the fact that people do not take time to strengthen them or we focus on the lower pleasures. The same thing happens in business practice. According to Gustafson (n.d.), when faced with the options of choosing what are the higher pleasures to maximize, a business may look at these four questions for guidance: 1. Which option would one well acquainted with both most likely choose? 2. Which option is unique to humans, and not a mere animal pleasure? 3. Which option
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