Utilitarianism And Utilitarianism

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Matthew Dorsey Mr. Harris Utilitarianism and Rights Essay 25 April 2016 THE NUMBERS GAME Utilitarianism, as described in An Introduction to Catholic Ethics, is a philosophy made popular in the early 19th century. This “consequentialist” philosophy had been studied by and branched from two English philosophers by the names of, Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill. Utilitarianism can even be linked back to as far as 341-270 BC with the Epicurates. “What is utilitarianism?”, one might ask. Utilitarianism is an idea that can be simply grounded on the belief of human reasoning. When referring to Utilitarianism, John Stuart Mill is the name that is often brought up. Mill came up with a belief known as “the principle of utility” or “the greatest happy principle”. This principle can be simply defined as the decision that makes the most people happy in a situation, is therefore the most moral decision no matter the situation or circumstances. In the hypothetical situation presented, from personal opinion, preforming torture on the madman would in fact be the only way possible in identifying where the several bombs have been placed throughout the crowded areas. Reasoning for this decision is that, as already stated in the hypothetical, conventional methods conducted by the authorities have been proven ineffective and if torture is the only way to save the many, than it should be done. For Mill, the ends DO, in fact, justify the means. If torturing one terrorist means saving thousands
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