Utilitarianism In The Big Apple Or Mile High Case

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The term utilitarianism is an ethical tradition that really focuses on the consequences of our actions. Outcomes matter with utilitarianism. When making a decision, we act in ways to produce better consequences than the alternatives. Better consequences can be thought of as anything that promotes the well-being for us as humans. Utilitarianism can be summarized as producing “the greatest good for the greatest number.” This idea opposes benefiting just a small portion of society. The well-being of everyone is considered with utilitarianism. In the Big Apple or Mile High case, the key features of utilitarianism can be applied to help find a solution. The opportunity to accept Big Apple’s job offer is very tempting in this circumstance. However, if I were to act using the features of utilitarianism, I would reject the Big Apple’s job offer. Choosing to accept the job offer, would not be acting in a way in which outcomes matter. The consequences for the society would be far greater if I would accept the Big Apple’s job offer. By accepting Big Apple’s job offer, I would…show more content…
These principles tell us we must follow rules even though they may cause consequences. In a business context, there are many situations in which we must follow laws even if the economic consequences are not desirable. In evaluating the Big Apple or Mile High City case, a deontologist would look at several different facts. The consequences would not play any part in the decision-making process for a deontologist. The ends do not justify the means for this ethical theory. Instead, a deontologist would focus on things like keeping your promises and obeying the law. In the Big Apple or Mile High City case, there was an unwritten rule to stay with Mile High City for at least a year. For a deontologist, this unwritten rule would be essential to the
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