Utilitarianism Is Quite An Idealistic And Western Form

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Utilitarianism is quite an idealistic and western form of thought. Many schools of thought such as socialism, democracy, and others aspire to contain aspects of it; A society is which the government is for the greatest number of people. However, sustaining a society of this nature is quite difficult as attempts in the past either failed or are half-baked representations. In an essay, Utilitarianism, written by John Stuart Mill, he explains his own expansion and edit of Jeremy Bentham’s ideas of Utilitarianism. His differs slightly from Bentham as it adds a complex level of higher pleasures as well as applies to animals. Mill’s additions of higher pleasures and quantity v. quality with utilitarianism while differing based on the…show more content…
This was utilitarianism at work in a rather unethical way; History shows us time and time again that the needs of the many should not outweigh the needs of the few. This dark time in America’s history is a prime example of Mill’s ‘higher pleasures’. Higher pleasures are pleasures in which the reward is well worth the pain; In the case mentioned above, in America at the time, the pleasures of slavery, money, wealth, and goods, were worth the pain, suffering of African slaves. Procrastination, binge drinking, and exercise are all higher pleasures are worth it for people. These pleasures are more worth other pleasures such as sleep or just watching Netfilx. A number games begins where everything is given a value and you must decide what qualifies as a higher pleasure. As mentioned above, it can be applied to individuals as well as entire populations and nations. In regards to the Greatest Happiness Theory, there is a slight disconnect between Mill and Utilitarianism. The theory’s ‘guidelines’ are to be exempt from pain, to be rich in employment, to have both quality and quantity, and to be applied to all sentient beings (Mullan, CAL 105). As iterated before, you cannot have pleasure without some pain whether it be a co-requisite or a consequence. The natural world does not work like that; Newton’s third law from physics explains that with every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Utilitarianism recognizes this and

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