Utilitarianism: Possible Balance Of Pleasure Or Pain?

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Utilitarianism refers to a consequentialist theory that focus on the consequences itself, and measure an action by weighing the ratio between positive and negative outcomes against the affected individuals (Shaw et al. 2013 p67). An action is morally right, if the action produces greatest possible balance of pleasure over pain for everyone that are affected (Shaw et al. 2013 p67). According to Jeremy Bentham, an action is ethical if the action yield greater utility than alternatives (Shaw et al. 2013 p67). In addition, Bentham evaluate pleasure and pain by quantitative differences, which are intensity and duration (Shaw et al. 2013 p67). According to John Stuart Mills, definition of pleasure is incline intrinsically towards intellectual pleasure and imagination, and stated that relative quality of pleasure and pain, such as health and knowledge, should be considered (Shaw et al. 2013 p68).
For example, in the case of A7D affair, Goodrich decided to continue with the production of four-disc brakes (Shaw et al. 2013 pp41). From the perspective of Goodrich, the decision made has greater pleasure than pain produced. For instance, Goodrich recognize that with the production of five-disc brakes, all the four-disc brake assemblies would have to be disposed, and more tests would have
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Goodrich does not encounter physical long term pain resulting from production of defective brakes, such as community dissatisfaction, and future lawsuits and penalties. This shows that intensity and duration of pain of Goodrich’s decision is greater than the pleasure that Goodrich intended to produce. Besides, Goodrich’s decision contradicts with Mill’s definition of pleasure. Goodrich’s decision destroyed the social value in manufacturing industry, as it loosen the bonds between the manufacturing firms and aircraft industry in long run. Thus, Goodrich’s decision is
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