Utilitarianism : The Bakery

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Essentially, all the stakeholders involved should be offered their fair consideration in the business. As the owner of the bakery, if Nick had chose to overdo his profits and play down his losses, his business would probably continue to flourish as he will be receiving the loan of $100,000 from East West (EW) Bank. Because of Nick’s utilitarianism decision, Gwen and Ted got to keep their job even though the business at the bakery was struggling due to the slump in economy. And as a result of keeping Gwen, Molly has extra hands in keeping the bakery intact. Now, when Nick decided to change the business’ profits and losses to his benefit in order to get the loan granted, East West (EW) bank may suffer a loss from it if Nick does not have enough revenue to pay the loan back in the near future. It is considered ethical for Nick to overdo his profits and play down his losses on his loan application to East West (EW) Bank since it does the most good and provides the least harm. To put it in a different way, the utilitarianism approach creates the utmost balance of good over harm for Nick. Despite the fact that Nick forged his business’ profits and losses on his loan application, he managed to lend a helping hand to the other stakeholders and minimize the damage caused.

Kant Ethics

On the other hand, Nick should have dismissed Gwen and Ted as employees at his bakery. It is morally correct because his business is suffering financially and he is
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