Utilitarianism: The Ethics Of Downloading Music

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Act Utilitarianism refers to the end result was achieved based on the premises that took you there. Rule Utilitarianism on the other hand, focuses more on the amount of happiness, it produces in most people, sort of majority rule but with happiness as its key component. The subject whether or not is ethical to download music illegally can be answered using rule utilitarianism and it will be done in such a manner seeing both sides of the spectrum. An argument defending the act that downloading music illegally is ethical would be that you are not physically stealing from the artist, even the very ethical person would download something that otherwise they would not physically steal. But the term itself, downloading illegally, has been changed to…show more content…
It is considered an act of theft as you are stealing from an author/ artist who thus spent much time and effort into creating said idea/ material. It is true that it indeed produces happiness, but in doing so it harms the people responsible for creating it and distributing it. If everybody was to steal and no one was to pay, then labels, recording studios, distributors, sales outlets and even artists/ authors themselves would be compelled cease operations since they would not have a way to maintain their concept for much longer. Regardless of the producer or consumer circumstances, it is never ethical to download any piece of work illegally. As I stated before there are no circumstances under which it it ethical to obtain music or any material for that matter illegally, whether it is physically or electronically. Myself included, I have obtained material this way, especially books which tend to fetch unquestionably high prices. I am not proud of it, but what is one to do when they cannot afford something that is supposed to further their
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