Utilitarianism : The Morally Right Action

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Tulasha Thapa Final Paper Utilitarianism Utilitarianism states, “The morally right action is determined by the consequences of the action, not the motives of the agent”. Utilitarianisms consider happiness to be the foundation of morality. The famous version, “act utilitarianism,” says the morally right action is the one that brings about the greatest consequence of the greatest number of people. Mill thought it was obvious that everyone ultimately wants to be happy, so he made this the foundation of his moral philosophy. Mill notice that people were literally defining utility as the opposite of pleasure and not understanding the complete purpose of utilitarianism. Whereas, utility is defined, “As pleasure itself together with freedom from…show more content…
According to the article written by Nordqvist, Christian "Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide." In medical news today, the English medical word “euthanasia” originates from the Greek word eu meaning “good,” and the Greek word thanatos meaning “death .” He also points out that, “Euthanasia” is commonly known as assisted suicide by medical professionals, or an intentionally ending individual life to minimize overall suffering or pain. In the UK, it is illegal for anybody to practice euthanasia. It does not matter how bad the situation is, no one can end one’s life in order to get rid of pain. In the majority of countries euthanasia is against the law. But in the United States, law varies in different states. In some states it is legal for euthanasia and in some it is illegal. Additionally, it is mentioned “Thomas More (1478-1535) who was recognized as a saint within the Catholic Church, once thought a utopian community as one that would facilitate the death of those people whose lives had become burden due to severe pain .” Moreover, it is been said that euthanasia remains as one of the debate topics in many countries, including: USA, Canada, and Western Europe since 1800s and in 1828, an anti-euthanasia law was passed in the NY state. According to The New York Times John T. Noonan, federal judge wrote numerous opinions about the issues like assisted suicide, died in the age of 90. “That opinion was mostly based on the issue
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