Utilitarianism: What Makes A Good Job?

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There are many different beliefs and opinions on what a good job is, but I believe that a good job is one you enjoy doing that will also support your quality of living. For a job to be considered good it must bring the employee some type of pleasure or non-instrumental value, like friendships that form during work, pride from obtaining that job, or experiences that your job will bring you. Being able to provide yourself or a family with the necessities of life is very important. So, while bringing you non-instrumental happiness, the job you obtain must be able to also provide you with the minimum of what it would take to survive. For example, if you are a single mother of four children and your dream job is to be a puppy sitter, even though…show more content…
Likewise, a job that follows the utilitarianism beliefs is not a good job. The utilitarianism definition of happiness is the greatest ratio of pleasure to pain. In utilitarianism individual’s happiness rarely matter so even if you, despise your job, there could possibly be more pleasure than pain in certain situations and then a utilitarian would see it as a good job. A job is a huge element of everyone’s life, so its ability to create happiness for the job holder is extremely important. If a man gets a job that will provide his family of six with income and the necessities to survive, this situation will create more happiness than if a single man with no family or friends got the job. It doesn’t matter how much the single man would love that job or how good he would be at it because six happy people is greater than one. In my eyes that is not a good job because even though the father receives pleasure from being able to provide for his family, the job itself provides him with no
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