Utilitarianism in Sports and Fitness

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The purpose of this essay is to examine Case Study #7 Sports and Fitness through the ethical perspective lens of utilitarianism. This essay will first give a brief background about the utilitarian view and then apply these views to the supplied questions at the end of the case study. Utilitarianism Utilitarianism is a philosophical perspective that deals with ethics and ethical behavior stemming from utility. Utility is often replaced with the idea of happiness. Happiness is therefore seen as the ultimate good in making ethical decisions. Utilitarianism supposes that happiness is the only thing of true value and hence has the most utility. Question #1 If you were Mike's attorney, how would you argue the case? Give three arguments. It appears that Mike's attorney has a very tough case. The first argument I would suggest would be the amount of control Mike had in his choice of playing. It would be necessary for the lawyer to prove that Mike was compelled to participate in the game despite his protests. Mike's attorney also needs to find fault with the college coach. It is necessary for him to be portrayed as incompetent. The third argument that Mike's lawyer would need to make is that the coach willing left Mike in the game and at the same time knew that he was seriously injured. The utilitarian view would measure the difference between Mike's happiness and either the school's, the team's or the coach's happiness. Question #2 In pro football, an athlete often has a

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