Utilitarianism or God, Do We Have to Choose?

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Utilitarianism or God, do we have to choose? During many years that question is being formulated and many scholars had a very difficult time to decide if it was possible to follow God's will and the principle of utility maximization. The principle of utility maximization was a theory created by John Stuart Mill and presented in his book Utilitarianism (1863). Societies throughout the years have argued that those theories are hard to combine, since Utilitarianism seeks for self-development and God's teachings seek for community growth. This paper will start with a context on actuality of society, then it will try to clarify what is the Bible view of Utilitarianism by explaining the principle of Utilitarianism, what society has to change…show more content…
Thinking about God's teachings and looking at society today is becoming hard to see God's teachings; the only thing that is clearly seen is Mill's theory. Examples of selfish behaviors are clearly seen every where around the world, everybody is really following the principle of utility maximization; the problem is that they are only following this principle. Countries are fighting against ghosts to make more money, instead of helping poor nations on Africa and South America. If instead of spending over $160 Billion on the Iraq war, the United States government uses this money to fight against the hunger on the world it would reduce the 400 million people that are hunger today by half (www.fao.org). It is not that hard to follow God's principle; the only thing that society has to do is to think a little bit on people that don't have the same kind of opportunity. The major problem that modern society is that every single person only seek their on good, they forgot one of the major commandments given by God that states how society should behave: "Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself" (Matthew 22:39). Society is so focused only on their own good that even a recent fact that made a good part of the Catholic world very sad, the death of the pope John Paul II, was only broadcasted in such a huge scale

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