Utility Ethics : The Utility Essay

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Introduction Among the numerous variations of ethics is one entitled Utility Ethics. Utility ethics, also known as utilitarianism, “promotes overall human welfare” (Jones, Felps, Bigley, 2007). Moreover, utility ethics is the “morally right choice of action in any situation that produces the greatest good for all involved” (Calculating, 2014). This moral principle suggests that all actions should “produce more good for everyone affected by the situation and the least amount of harm” (Calculating, 2014). Moreover, utilitarianism suggests that the action that generates the most happiness should be chosen (Philosophy, 2016). In order to determine if an action is morally right or wrong, a utility test may be performed. The utility test will aid in examining courses of action that produce the greatest amount of good for all affected in a situation (Hamilton, 2012). Mattel Inc. is known as being the “world’s largest toy company” (Sethi et al., 2011). The article by S. Prakash Sethi and colleagues (2011) suggests that the multinational corporation has been faced with numerous complaints of unethical conduct towards employees. An important ethical issue that is raised in the case study is the treatment of employees. The unfair treatment of employees includes: “low wages, excessive hours, and unsafe working environments” (Sethi et al., 2011). The utility test will be applied to this ethical issue raised by Mattel Inc. Utility Test The utility test can be used to find the “morally

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