Utilizing and Exploiting Intellectual Property Laws

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In today's modern business environment, one in which competition is not limited by national borders and technology allows millions of people access to new products, the senior management structure of any successful corporation must be adept at utilizing and exploiting intellectual property laws. Conceiving and conceptualizing a new idea, and creating a viable item for public consumption from that inspiration, has always been the hallmark of energetic and efficient companies. With the advent of the internet and the subsequent interconnectedness of globalization, however, it has become increasingly important that original ideas, goods, and services are protected through the exclusive rights granted by the trademark process. Citing the spread of internet technology and its marked effect on business practices, an article in The New Yorker recently observed that "fewer than ten thousand tech industry trademarks were registered in the United States as of 1980, but in 2011 more than 300,000 of these trademarks have been obtained" (Colapinto, 2011). Savvy corporate executives and upper managers know that effectively branding a particular product through unique logos, color schemes, labels, symbols, or any other distinctive iconography is perhaps the most significant step that upper management can take to protect their market share, and trademark registration provides the first level of protection against unlawful imitation by competing companies. Various emblems have long been

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