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Utley Food Markets Total Rewards November 30, 2011 Utley Foods were founded by Lawrence Utley in St. Louis shortly after the Depression. It started as one store and move into a chain of stores totaling 86 supermarkets from Missouri to Illinois. In 1948, the stores were owned by one of Mr. Utley’s descendants and went public while the family gradually moved out of leadership roles. However, the company is now mainly unionized, with virtually all nonexempt employees and approximately 15 percent of the exempt employees unionized. Between the union and management is where pay raises for union employees are across the board. Nonunion employees generally receive across the board increases. The poor seems to feel unjustified by…show more content…
How might these changes be implemented? Companies that are interested in implementing a pay for performance system often contact a professional compensation consulting firm to assist with the project. Compensation consultants work closely with company leaders to analyze the business's goals and budget. Approaches to Implementing Pay for Performance: Using competencies to evaluate employee performance, Translating employee performance ratings into pay increases and awards, Considering current salary in making performance-based pay decisions, Managing costs of the pay for performance system, Providing information to employees about the results of performance appraisal and pay decisions. (Human Capital, 2004) To successfully transform themselves, high-performing organizations have found that they must fundamentally change their cultures so that they are more results-oriented, customer-focused, and collaborative in nature, and have recognized that an effective performance management system can help them drive internal change and achieve desired results. (Human Capital, 2004) Which of the nonmonetary changes will help motivate better performance? The best nonmonetary change is the treatment of employees. Understanding the importance of getting to know your employees, communication with employees, and fairness and respect towards employees will be addressed. Focuses on developing employees in a small business take the company to new

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