Utopia By John James Audubon Said

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Utopia John James Audubon said: “A true conservationist is a man who knows what the world is not given by his fathers, but borrowed from his children”. And I totally agree with this statement, because nowadays we often forget that we have to preserve over land for next generations. But it is difficult to remember about everything in our very busy lifestyle. However, let 's image for a second that our world became perfect. Perfection means utopia. What is utopia? The dictionary explains:” a place of ideal perfection especially in laws, government and social conditions.”(Webster) As for me, I would like to add that utopia means also generous, friendly, kind and honest people. So, let 's begin our trip in utopia, entitled Greenvill…show more content…
Also there are ten ministers responsible for different fields like: health, finance, laws, environment, culture, education, energy, sport, international relations, and transport. President chose Kovalyshyn 2 one of two proposed candidates to head the department. All laws are summarized in the Constitution. For example, one of them declares is to recycle, otherwise you will pay fee. If someone breaks the law, he or she will be detained by the police and sent to the court, where it will be decided whether they are free or required rehabilitation. There are no prisons in our country, only special facilities for accommodation during the rehabilitation period. Concerning military force, it is in our country only in case of hostile neighbors. There are military collages, where future soldiers are trained, and it is only contractual army. Despite on that fact that people in our country are very conscious, we have the police, because people need to feel safe in unpredictable situations. Talking about education – it is mandatory for children from seven to eighteen years old. We divide our educational system into such steps: preschool for children at age three to six; elementary school at – from seven to fourteen; and high school – from fifteen to eighteen. And higher education like colleges and universities. Of course our studying is free for everyone. Usually we have tests in high school to go to higher level, and tests to enter the
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