Utopia By Thomas More And The Condition Of The Working Class

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How Our Society Today Relates to Societies Hundreds of Years Ago
The books, Utopia by Thomas More and the Condition of the Working Class by Friedrich Engels criticize societies hundreds of years ago, and upon reading these books, I have realized that our society today, shares many of the qualities of societies mentioned in these books. Utopia and the Condition of the Working Class brought to light the wealth gap and inequality within societies and how the conditions we are brought up in affects our future. The authors of these books also point out the insecurity of people, as well as poverty and self-interest. Society has changed since the early days, but there are quite a few never-ending issues that still affect our societies today.
Grouping people into classes has been an everlasting issue, and it will continue to be an issue as long as people exist. Giving people a class they fall under is a result of the gap between the rich and poor. Friedrich Engels wrote, “The town itself is peculiarly built, so that a person may live in it for years, and go in and out daily without coming into contact with a working-people 's quarter or even with workers, that is, so long as he confines himself to his business or to pleasure walks. This arises chiefly from the fact, that by unconscious tacit agreement, as well as with outspoken conscious determination, the working-people 's quarters are sharply separated from the sections of the city reserved for the middle-class; or, if this does
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