`` Utopia `` By Thomas More

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Thomas More’s book, Utopia, was constructed to criticize aspects of European life during the 1500s. One issue that More evaluates is the subject of politics and war. War during this time was used to gain territory or increase the ruler’s power. The Utopians are a peaceful group of citizens that rarely have any altercations occurring upon their island. They have a strict daily schedule that provides a minute amount of time for leisure, resulting in a low rate of problems. So why does More bring up the issue of war, if the people of Utopia infrequently misbehave? More analyzes this issue to exemplify how war was implemented in Europe under the reign of King Henry VIII. In addition, more describes the Utopians’ preparations when they engage in war. More wrote Utopia to provide the citizens of Europe with a source of hope for a new outlook on life. The citizens of Utopia are easygoing people who do not take interest in territorial development and do not make alliances with other nations because they believe that those actions are not the way to settle disputes. “They despise war as an activity fit only for beast”, because they solely use war for the protection of the island and its inhabitants (More 77). Thomas More constructed the values and citizens of Utopia to be set apart from that of European values in the 1500s. In Europe, single-minded King Henry VIII did not shy away from any form of conflict. He wanted to increase his territory to gain prominence, and by engaging in
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