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In the year 1515, a book in Latin text was published which became the most significant and controversial text ever written in the field of political science. Entitled, ‘DE OPTIMO REIPUBLICATE STATU DEQUE NOVA INSULA UTOPIA, clarissimi disertissimique viri THOMAE MORI inclutae civitatis Londinensis civis et Vicecomitis’, translated into English would read, ‘ON THE BEST STATE OF A COMMONWEALTH AND ON THE NEW ISLAND OF UTOPIA, by the Most Distinguished and Eloquent Author THOMAS MORE Citizen and Undersheriff of the Famous City of London.’.

Utopia (Latin: no-place) is a society of great planning and capability. A community where individuals compromised their rights for the good of the collective and focused on a communal
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Richly elusive and endlessly enigmatic, intriguing to scholars in several disciplines and inspiring to reformers and revolutionaries,’(Pg. xvii)

The fundamental issues of human nature and morals continues to be examined and explored by scholars as many attempted to find a compromise between the individuals and the collective. Ancient testaments such as the Bible, Koran and Torah were attempts to set a standard for human behavior and morality that is optimized for the well-being of the individual and the strength of the collective. Utopia serves to prove the pinnacle of human achievement possible by a community that practice the art of self-sacrifice and unselfish care of its citizens.

I remain optimistic to the thought of Utopia as the following text attempts to clarify the true Utopia as a contrast to 14th century Europe, failed Communist Russia and China and the illusion of United States of America as an Utopia.

The Life of Sir Thomas More

(with reference to Appendix 1)

Sir Thomas More was born in London on the 7th of February 1478. His father, John More, a successful lawyer who was later knighted and made a judge of the King's Bench, was determined that his eldest son

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