Utopia Thomas More Summary

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Utopia Thomas More The phantom of false pleasure is illustrated by other men who run mad with delight over their own blue blood, flatter themselves on their nobility, and gloat over all their rich ancestors... ─ A Brief (yet helpful) Synopsis We open with Thomas More (yes the main character has the same name as the author) goes on a business trip to Antwerp. There he runs into his old friend Peter Giles as well as a (potential) new friend named Raphael Hythloday. Now Hythloday is quite the interesting character. He is a world traveler and through his travels has gained some interesting (and controversial) opinions. The trio begins discussing philosophy and its relationship with politics. They head to Giles garden and during their discussion Hythloday ends their discussion by a rather off-handed mention of a place called Utopia. We see that after a brief lunch break Giles and More have convinced Hythloday to tell them more about this mysterious Utopia. Hythloday goes through describing everything; geography, history, cities, houses, government, farming, other jobs, down time, lack of money, outfits, families, households, lack of private property, food, dining, conversation, travel, trade, wealth, education, religion, visitors, slavery, laws, war, holidays. Once Hythloday ends his rather lengthy description of Utopia and his time there, the narrative returns to More. More is rather skeptical of Utopia, he finds many aspects to ridiculous and absurd to actually work, yet he
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