Utopiaan Literature And Dystopian Literature

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Most genres of literature have a basic scheme that most of their works follow. In romantic literature it is falling in love, in terror literature it is supernatural beings, but in dystopian literature it is a little more complicated. Most of them start with either a society that is already in ruins and there is no organization, or in a society where everything seems a perfect utopia. The problem starts developing when people realize that their supposedly perfect society is actually not-so-perfect. That is when people start rebelling, which is the reason why the government always tries to hide their true intentions. The idea of a perfect society is always an illusion, as there is always a flaw that makes people rebel, as it happens in the book…show more content…
When all of the public discover all of the problems their ideal society has they start a rebellion. Since the government’s flaw is usually something the majority of the population does not agree with, they start an uprising. They do that with protests, strikes, or even terrorist attacks. They intimidate the government until they get whatever they want. This usually leads to fights, deaths and the destruction of their perfect “utopia”. Even if this is a big characteristic of dystopian literature, it does not appear in Animal Farm since the majority of the animals never realize what is going on.
All of this just proves the way a utopian society may never exist. Even with all of the effort that people may put in making it better it will never be perfect. There is always even a little thing that draws that line in the society from it being utopian to it being dystopian. An even with all of the efforts form the governments to hide it someday somebody will figure out that flaw. And after they figure out that flaw there is no backing away, that society will never be the same, because once the rebellion starts, it may never go back to how it

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