Utopian Architecture Research Paper

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Contemporary Utopia
Utopia ideals and projects are barely in the discussion of contemporary architecture projects and articles. Does that mean utopian ideology and thinking are invalid in the settings of contemporary cities? Utopian method to approach urban planning are rarely introduced in the current projects. Currently, city planners and designers seem to have no interest in understanding the relationship between utopian thinking and urban planning. It all seems that the lack of interest in utopian thinking in the present days are result of the evolution of time, as present days no longer has the ability to be suited for bold thinking compared with preindustrial cities. Spaces are more defined by social means, practical implications and urban ecologies.
With the ever expanding fields in advanced technologies, portrayed in social media and demonstration in the
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If we want to live in a better city and are sustainable, we must use utopian architectural methods so that planners can begin to think about the new possibilities of human life. The utopian city model is to ensure the need for dreams, the need for mystery, and sometimes even the desire to create poetry and construction. These projects are the means to escape monotonous life, and its continuation may lead to boredom and frustration. Through Utopia's urban projects, humans can realize that the material world is not static, but is in a state of continuous progress. By using the utopian method in urban planning, our habitual values are confused and we enter the utmost and newly discovered space of the utopia and have the opportunity to educate ourselves. We can find the power to inspire ourselves and the desire to be better the past, the desire to be better than present and desire for even more, most importantly is to desire in different
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