Utopian Society In The Giver, Directed By Phillip Noyce

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Everyone is the same. Everything is the same. The Giver, directed by Phillip Noyce, is set in a utopian society. This community was created to bring sameness to people and leave out pain, emotion, and differentness. Ruled by “The Elders”, the members of the community are assigned to a specific job, which dwelling you live in and who you live in it with. The Elders also decide all of the rules including a ban on lying, a community curfew, and the words you use. When the leading role, Jonas (Brenton Thwaites), is assigned to be the next Receiver of Memories, he begins to learn things no one else in the communities knows. After he sees enough of the past, he realizes that he must leave his “perfect” community in order to bring the memories back…show more content…
I think that is was a great effect on the cinematography side and a great way to set the mood for the movie. At one point, the camera moved from the viewpoint of in front of a building in the center of the communities out to a view of all the communities as a whole. By doing this, the viewer saw that all the building and all the “dwellings”, or houses, were like a mirror image of each other. Everything seemed to be symmetrical. And this just goes along with the theme of the movie perfectly. Everyone is the same. Everything is the same. The color palette that is used also ties into the theme very well. The beginning of the movie is in all black and white. This is what the members of the community see. The Elders have not only taken away freedom, they have also taken away color. Once Jonas learns about each color, it is brought back to the movie. I think this idea was brilliant. It puts the view in the eyes of Jonas and his transition to being an “ordinary human”. Coincidentally, the phrase “ordinary human” is also the name of the featured song in the movie. This brings me to the score of the overall movie. I really enjoyed each piece of music that was used for this movie. Each and every time there was music, it really set the mood for the setting. The time the music really stuck out to me was during the “Ceremony of the Graduates”. While Jonas is standing on the stage waiting for his name to be called, the music made me feel the anticipation. It was upbeat, then slow, then upbeat again and I feel like I was going through the ceremony right there next to

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