Utopian and Dystopian Fiction

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What is Utopia? According to The Random House Dictionary, utopia is a place or state of political or social perfection based upon the novel of Utopia by Thomas More. Philosophers, writers of all sorts of novels and movies are constantly trying to imagine and conceive plans for an idyllic state of today. The irony of utopia is that it means ‘no place, good place’ implying that utopia is an idealistic place that can never happen in reality. Then, what is dystopia? Thefreedictionary.com’s definition for dystopia is an imaginary place or state in which the condition of life is extremely bad. But when all the writers think about their utopian places, just as many dystopian elements will come about as a “perfect” society just cannot happen.…show more content…
This is setting up the atmosphere of where Winston is living in and how everything is caught up within the world. 1984 was a popular novel at the time as it was able to create a futuristic and fictional world to reflect on compared to one that existed in the time. It was to cause people to question their own society and to show connections between the two which enables to warn people about what could happen to their society if they continued like this. It was trying to pull out all the faults of a society with a Big Brother in control and that if it continued to be so uniform, many more dystopian elements will fall apart. Just like the other two texts, The Island also has uniformity and conformity present throughout the film. It is a film directed by Michael Bay which presents and interesting questions on cloning, human life and what it means to be human. It is an action packed film with a deeper meaning that is to ultimately cause the public to question the morals and ethics of cloning. Lincoln Six Echo is the main character who questions all this conformity and why it has to be like it is. After having a vivid nightmare, Lincoln goes to do his accustomed morning routine until he complains about always having to wear the same coloured uniform every day, “if you get another chance, I’d like another colour”. This is point where the movie screen gets divided into

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