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Louise Gonzales Legacies of Historical Globalization – Hand In Assignments 1) How does the map on p.144 of Exploring Globalization demonstrate the spread of historical globalization and colonial influence? Explain using examples. The map demonstrates the spread of historical globalization and colonial influence because it represents the European Imperialism and Europe’s scramble for empire. European Imperialism contributed to the spread of science, religion, philosophy, and technology - which originated from Europe -, to the countries it colonized. During the 17th and 18th centuries Europeans were very competitive with one another. Each nationality wanted to be bigger and better than the others. They…show more content…
At the southern tip of the country, the Boers and British are fighting for control of the area that they both want. The artist of the cartoon, has given it a negative connotation. The leaders of each country are acting greedy and avaricious by yanking on the edges of the continent that they want for themselves. It almost looks like they are going to tear apart the country if they do not let up on their actions. The artist of the cartoon has a point with this image. These European countries did essentially "tear apart" the continent. Within twenty years, nearly the entire African continent was possessed by European powers. As they stole, killed and destroyed to get a hold of more than their neighbors back home, these powers gave little thought and consideration to the varieties of peoples who already inhabited the land. It was truly a mad grab for more and more land. Among the powers grabbing for land, the British came out on top possessing most of the South, East and significant areas in the North, but there was an unusual player in this Imperial game who managed to receive nearly the whole center of Africa. King Leopold II of Belgium took control of the Congo and began a reign of terror that lasted at least forty years. 3) A. On p145 of Exploring Globalization three speakers discuss how Imperialism has affected their countries. Read their opinions in your own words, summarize each of the speakers’ points on the view on the legacy

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