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Running head: Analysis of “Still I Rise” 1 Analysis of “Still I Rise” When reading, “Still I Rise”, by Maya Angelou, I immediately get a sense of perseverance and pride. The author seems to be addressing her adversaries directly through her words. I love the imagery used in this poem. I can almost see the dust rising and can feel the swelling of the black ocean that the author mentions. “Cause I walk like I got oil wells pumping in my living room”(Angelou, 1978), and, “Laugh like I’ve got gold mines diggin’ in my own back yard” (Angelou, 1978), tells me that the author feels that her life is joyous and priceless, and can’t be taken away. As the phrase, “I Rise” (Angelou, 1978), is repeated again and again, it’s as if I can…show more content…
She confided in her brother. She later learned that her uncles had killed her attacker. Feeling that her words were responsible for the man’s death, she stopped speaking. She remained mute until the age of 13, when she and her brother returned to live with their mother. At 16, she became pregnant during high school. She gave birth to a baby boy, Guy, shortly after graduation. She worked several jobs to support herself and her child. She later married a Greek sailor, but the union didn’t last. Instead, she traveled the world, using her many talents to touch the lives of the people she encountered. Maya worked as a successful actress, author, singer, teacher, dancer, poet, and director. She’s best known for her series of autobiographies and works of poetry. Her work brought her fame and a huge international audience. She was a wonderful spokesperson for African Americans and for women. She is beloved by fans across the world, from many different walks of life. There are many characteristics and themes that make “Still I Rise” an example of postmodern poetry. During this era, the focus was on the individual. This poem was written from the perspective of an individual, detailing her life, struggles, and her reaction to her circumstances. Postmodern literature was also more open minded, presenting many different points of view. This poem addressed many hot topics of the time: slavery, racism, and sexism. The use of imagery and symbolism was

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