Uyen Loewad: An Analysis

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Many Syrian families have fled to neighboring countries such as Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Turkey. Few of these countries have sufficient education systems. In Lebanon, hundreds of Syrian families have fled to towns and cities where the government runs its schools on a "double shift" system which means that local children spend half the day at school, and Syrian refugees for the other half. Although a successful idea, it is costly and many children still miss out.

Above: many refugee children miss out on schooling due to not having enough money to spend on school fees, books and uniforms. A graph showing the statistics refugee children without school supplies.

Before 2014, there were no education systems in Australia for Refugee children. The department of immigration and border protection and the Western Australian Catholic Education Office expressed concerns about the onsite schooling environment, now asylum seeker children held in mainland detention centers are able to attend local schools if they are enrolled. This is a massive step forward in the education rights and the futures of refugees.
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As a child and young woman growing up as a refugee, she has explored her experiences through poetry. One of her most well-known poems being "Be good little
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