V For Vendetta Analysis

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In Alan Moore’s V for Vendetta, set in an alternate dystopic future where Britain is run by the fascist regime Norsefire, begins with the introduction of Evey Hammond. Evey encounters the anarchist freedom fighter, V, who rescues her from the Fingermen; the law enforcement under Norsefire. Evey is then caught in V’s plot to dismantle Norsefire beginning with his fireworks display with the destruction of government property which differs between the graphic novel and film. In the graphic novel, Evey is a young girl who tragically lost both her parents and was put to work in a factory with other children after the formation of the fascist Norsefire party. She lost her mother to illness and her father was taken away for openly expressing his…show more content…
Evey attempts to warn the Bishop that V is coming after him even though he was attempting to rape her in the film telling him, “This isn't a game, Your Grace. Someone's coming. I think he means to kill you”. In the graphic novel, Evey offers to help V in his plot but does not realize that V intended on killing the Bishop using her as a pawn in his plans. After the assassination of the Bishop, Evey confronts V and tells him that killing is wrong and that she did not know that he was going to kill him. Evey was nearly raped by the Bishop but she still believed that killing him was wrong. Both portrayals of Evey have the same beliefs but execute it differently. The Evey in the film makes it her mission to warn the Bishop that V was after his life when she offers to help while the graphic novel Evey offers to help without knowing V’s plan. In the aftermath Evey is distraught that V had killed the Bishop. Evey yells at him and tells him that killing is wrong and that if she had known he was going to kill him she would not have become his accomplice. If not for V’s intervention, Evey would have broken her sense of morality. In a moment of anger and hatred, Evey attempts to take vengeance against Alistair Harper for the death of Gordon but is stopped when V abducts her from the street to free her from her fears. When V shows Evey the rose garden he grew in the memory of Valerie Page, Evey is given a choice by V to pluck a

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