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Media publications are a great expression of human trends and ideas. Weather movies or music, they all have a societal impact and at least allude to trends of sociology theorists. This is abundantly true in the film V for vendetta. There is a preexisting novel which also made an impact in that culture and it followed the same trends, but the film is being used because of its greater relevance to the modern era of America. The film depicts a post-apocalyptic world that has symbolism and story lines that run with modern events. These depictions can be more readily understood within the scope of Max Weber’s sociological insight and theory more specifically about his understanding on the modern world and it bureaucratization.
Understanding V
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While he highlights a lot of positives, he also saw a lot of issues within bureaucracy. Webers’ bureaucracy is a bottom line model that values calculable decision making over all else. Within this model are the people, or parts, that can be replaced if they cause a decrease in productivity. The issue becomes that the rationalized view of bureaucratic systems is unable to see individuals and respond to individual needs. There is a format and if someone does not fit in, or if they begin to fall behind, there is no understanding or support. His argument is that the bureaucratization of our world has made it depersonalized.
V for Vendetta is set in the future in England and it depicts the events following a major world war, terrorist attacks and large amounts of degradation within the nation and world. The government that is in power is at first shown as the standard postindustrial government that uses media to inform the people, and in most cases, spread their form of propaganda. The government prides itself in being efficient, in maintain control and the safety of its citizens. The film slowly shows how the government took power and how its use of power resembles a model like Weber’s. To take power, there had to be a party that could seize power, this is where the bottom line focus came in. The seizing power used fear, but they use of terrorist attacks committed by

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