V. Henderson Theory Critique Essay

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Virginia A. Henderson’s Nursing Theory Critique Gaylinn Breeze Maryville University Abstract This paper aims to provide an in depth critique of Henderson’s Nursing Theory using Fawcett’s framework for analysis and evaluation of nursing models. This paper will provide an analysis of the theory based on its scope, context and content. Secondly, the paper will provide an evaluation to unearth its significance, internal consistency, testability, as well as provide empirical and pragmatic adequacy. Lastly, the paper will give a detail of its assumptions and limitations. Virginia A. Henderson’s Nursing Theory Critique Virginia A. Henderson was…show more content…
The nurses are also supposed to assist the sick in their recovery process and ensure they regain their dignity in addition to basic functioning. Persons who are alive and breathing according to the theory are to be cared for, listened to, talked to and loved. The theory is non discriminatory and can be used for all ages and races in nursing practice globally. Henderson describes the person’s environment as limiting them from living (McEwen & Wills, 2002). Her theory consisted of concepts that contributed to the well being of people. She highlighted that human beings have physiological aspects contributing to wellbeing. These physiological aspects according to her theory are attached to psychosocial and biological aspects of health. Henderson engaged environmental concepts into her research and found that environmental factors, directly or indirectly; are involved in the patients’ wellbeing. She noted that basic needs are derived from the environment and their use or provision to the patient would only count if they were used in environments that favored the patient’s conditions. She also noted that human beings rely on their personal concepts too, for good health and independence. She outlined certain morals of achieving a wellbeing status and incorporated that as a concept towards achieving independence and wellbeing. Her research was geared towards achieving proper nursing care
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