V for Vendetta Movie

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V for Vendetta is a movie that immediately grasps the viewers attention. It has a tendency to seem twisted and dark. However, after examining the film more closely the themes began to emerge and started to make sense. V for Vendetta seems to align with Plato’s ideals making V’s actions seems less terroristic and begin to shape up to be that of a vigilante. The Allegory of the cave and V for Vendetta seem to have many similarities. V, the main character, parallels the lover of wisdom in Plato’s, The Allegory of the Cave. Following his experiences as a subject of science V has come to learn what the British government really does to its people. After returning from such a horrifying experience V has discovered the truth and sees the world around him dimmer as though he is returning to the cave. It is something he could never explain to those who have not seen the truth. Since V has been illuminated he is now intelligible. “But the world, the world is not saved... Do not think that, when the fires die and the smoke clears, there is no miracle... there is only a path... upon which they must learn to rule themselves.” V knowing the truth is simply not enough. He is now the lover of wisdom, who by Plato’s convictions is supposed to return the cave and share his knowledge with the others to help them be illuminated. After returning to society V plans to share what he has learned with those who have not been “illuminated” and to rebuild the government. In doing so
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