V22 Osprey

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THE BRIEF LIFE CYCLE OF THE V22 OSPREY PROGRAM Sherlyne Thomas Program and Acquisition Management, DEFM 540 Professor: David E. Patton The V-22 Osprey is a tilt rotor military aircraft developed by Bell Helicopter and Boeing Aircraft. Build with the abilities to take off and land vertically along with short takeoff and landing capabilities, this sophisticated aircraft was developed for use by all of the Department of Defense armed forces in support of the nation’s national defense. The concept and eventual need of the V22 began during a mission in the 1980s when the military identified a need for an aircraft that would perform certain capabilities. A request for proposal (RFP) was soon sent out for the preliminary…show more content…
The Bell-Boeing V22 Osprey has many capabilities to include: * can transport 24 combat troops, 20,000 pounds of internal or up to 15,000 pounds of external cargo using its medium lift and vertical takeoff and landing capabilities * meets U.S. Navy requirements for combat search and rescue, fleet logistics support, and special warfare support * matches the U.S. Special Operations Command's requirement for a high-speed, long-range, vertical lift aircraft * can be stored aboard an aircraft carrier or assault ship because the rotors can fold and the wings rotate * has air-to-air refueling capability, the cornerstone of the ability to self-deploy ("V-22 osprey," ) The Operations and Support (O&S) stage of the V22 Program there were many technical elements that needed to be addressed concerning the functionality of this new aircraft. During the course of the V22 production “the new tilt-rotor design and challenging military requirements demanded numerous compromises to save weight and increase speed as well as survivability in combat environments. A series of crashes and the tragic loss of lives as the program rushed to meet military timelines caused a redesign of critical components.” (Braganca, 2012). The users put a lot of pressure on the design and production teams for the V22 to meet the requirements in a timely fashion for
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