VA Consulting Report

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The author, in order, is asked to analyze the organizational design of the Veterans Administration, analyze the agency's global and international linkages, analyze their human resource goals and frameworks, analyze their training programs and offer two actions the agency can undertake to attract and maintain a qualified workforce. The author is asked to provide five relevant and credible outside sources outside of the sources that support this assignment's content.
Organizational Design
In looking at the general organizational map for the Veterans Affairs administration, it is fairly clear that there is a strong structure and division to the department. There is perhaps a little too much bureaucracy for the department given the amount of "secretary" positions and the like, but there seems to be at least a fairly good order to their current structure. Also strong is the fact that the different positions and jobs within the leadership realm seem to be well-defined with the duties of each position clearly spelled out. As for the downsides, it is a government agency and the amount of red-tape and other shortcomings have apparently been an issue with the Veterans Affairs Administration…
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