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1. Introduction Nowadays, transportation in urban area is highly complex as it involved various modes of transportation, locations of the origins and destination and also the population of that particular urban area. The focus of urban transport has been more on passengers as many major cities were viewed as locations of utmost human interactions. Mostly, they move from one place to other place for the purpose of commuting, commercial transactions, leisure or for cultural activities. Beside, urban passenger transport system is one of the medium helping to have better quality of life for every living community. It provides personal mobility and freedom for people to walk, use para-transit vehicle or use other non motorized transport…show more content…
Naturally, as with every innovation, it will take to adapt and I have to emphasis that the rules must be respected where necessary to ensure the safety of everyone, especially the most vuinerable among us, pedestrians and cyclist!” Bertrand Delanoe, Mayor of Paris. (Quoted shortly after the inauguration of the Vélib system, July 2007.) According to his inauguration, the Vélib system appoints the need of both personalized and mobility and low carbon solutions for urban transport passenger system. The main modal for this system is to provide low environments that reduce the impact of mobility service for large cities and urban centers. For this application, Vélib use Cyclocity as the basic ideas to be user friendly as possible. The main components of the system are the bike, the stations where they are attached and the software that can track the bikes journey and the rental time of each journey made. One of the common rationales cited by bike programs is that they provide an effective substitute for at least some of the large numbers of short distance trips made by cars in urban areas, often with only one person in the car. Such trips make poor use of scarce public resources, and of course carry with them a heavy environmental burden. If many passengers tend to use private vehicle, this objective cannot be achieved. However Paris has been established as one of the country that

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