VF Corporation Strategic Analysis

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VF Corporation, headquartered in Greensboro, NC, is a large lifestyle apparel, footwear and accessories conglomerate, home to many popular brands that are recognized globally. VF Corporation is a global force of over 30 “diverse” and “iconic” brands that are well positioned internationally to serve customers and consumers (VF Corporation, 2016). The purpose of this analysis is to provide an overall outlook of the company and to create a strategic plan for the future of the corporation. Conclusions based off of the research into the financials, key strategies, SWOT analysis of VF Corporation will be discussed in order to form a strategic plan for the future of VF Corporation.
VF Corporation is an American apparel and footwear company, with worldwide presence in over 170 countries. Currently, VF Corporation has more than thirty iconic brands that are categorized into 5 platforms within the corporate portfolio. These platforms range from outdoor sports wear to contemporary brands, and platforms in between. VF Corporation boasts that they are “highly diversified across brands, products, distribution channels and geographies” (VF Corporation, 2016). They currently are known as being “the industry’s most efficient and complex supply chain, which spans multiple geographies, product categories and distribution channels (VF Corporation, 2017). Vital Information gained from financial reports and annual reports provided by the company will aid in determining a strategic plan to

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