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The surface texture images for various samples recorded with the traceable 3D optical profiler in VSI mode with Vision software, are shown in figure 4-8.

Figure 4: plain silicon wafer Figure 5: S4P5M (Plain wafer etched with 5M KOH/IPA solution for 15 minutes)

Figure 6: S3P1M (Plain silicon wafer etched Figure 5: M (6-8µm) Wafer ground using Al2O3 with 1M KOH/IPA solution for 15 minutes) powder of grain size 6-8µm

Figure 6: M (16µm) Wafer ground using Al2O3 powder of grain size 16µm

Figure 7:S1ME1M (Wafer Ground using Al2O3 powder of Grain size 6-8µm (M6-8 µm) followed by Etching with 1M KOH/ IPA/ H2O for 15 minutes

UV-VIS Spectrophotometer (UV-VIS 2410 PC) was used for reflectance studies of samples. Figure 10 shows reflection measurements of Si wafers before and after surface texturing. A representative value of surface roughness and percentage reflectance at 800nm is given in Table 2. Figure 10: Change in reflection after surface texturing
Table 2: Results of surface roughness obtained from optical profiler and results of % reflectance

Sample name: details Average Surface roughness Ra (nm) Average Surface roughness
Sa (nm) Surface roughness
Rt % Reflectance

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