VTCT Unit UV30563 Marked Completed

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VTCT Unit UV30563: Understanding the principles and practises of assessment. Task 1 The function of assessment in learning and development is to provide a measurable way of planning and supporting students’ progress. Assessment is carried out by means of checks and tests carried out throughout the course. Assessors should provide feedback throughout ensuring that learning is occurring and the learner is at the correct level. It is also important that assessor’s decisions are also consistently reviewed and internally and externally verified. Assessors must work within the boundaries of the law which are constantly being updated. “Health and Safety at Work Act 1974” This act requires employers to follow a number of requirements to provide…show more content…
There are also online assessments e.g. VTCT which is an online resource and record system. The learner must have sufficient time to prepare for an assessment. Learners must have clear instructions, dates, times and be aware of what treatments that they will be doing. Recognising that the learner’s needs are important so gathering as much understanding of the learner is important. Gathering information of student’s knowledge/understanding through an initial assessment. Learners can have literacy, numeracy and ICT skills tests prior to being accepted on the course or during the course so that understanding of any learning needs can be determined. You must make the learners aware of the Appeals Procedure so that they are also aware that they can appeal against the assessor’s decisions. Feedback is important in an assessment but it must not be negative, just be constructive but positive. You can use a sandwich approach; start with positive feedback, then constructive feedback, the ending on positive note. Giving the learner a positive action plan and reassurance that it can be achieved. There can be many benefits to apply a holistic approach to an assessment. This can be more tailored to an individual’s need, looking at the person as awhole. When learners are engaged in a practical lesson take into account that sometimes there are natural occurring events that take place and can be assessed separately.
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