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TO: FROM: SUBJECT: DATE: CC: METHOD OF INTRUSION After gathering much information from the supervisor who received the original email in question, as well as events having occurred with immediate subsequence, it seems highly evident that the method of intrusion was a result of spear phishing campaign, which typically involves sending a seemingly genuine email containing a seemingly genuine link. However, the email, while pretending to be from a friendly (“recognizable” or “valid” or “authorized”) individual, but is far from that. The link is very malicious, designed to redirect (cause the web browser to go to an unintended/unwanted/ unknown/undesired web page) a person’s web browser to a webpage that is (phony and) malicious in nature,…show more content…
MalwareBytes) 3. Install Antivirus software (i.e. McAfee AV or Eset) with real-time protection or an internet security suite for greater range of protection (Symantec Internet Security) 4. Activate OS built in firewall to prevent or minimize intrusion insertion and activity 5. Install a robust firewall hardware with comprehensive AV/Antimalware protection, along with IDS/IPS (intrusion detection/intrusion prevention) mitigation capabilities and enhancements, thus allowing for developing access control lists (ACL), whitelisting, blacklisting and other blocking. 6. Subscribe to an email blocking and content filtering service, (i.e. Postini) or Proofpoint appliance that can block malicious attachments, block emails of certain content criteria, and prevent abnormal web browser redirects, warn the user of a potential download (thus giving the user that last chance to say no), and being highly customizable to all kinds of email-related social engineering and phishing campaigns. 7. Develop a network domain capability (Group Policy or WSUS)) to ensure that OS and web browser updates are automatic and timely. 8. Develop Group Policy construct that tightens security of workstations so that only authorized applications can execute. 9. Develop Group Policy construct that strengthens overall security of workstations, including ensuring workstations subscribe to security settings pre-configured and pushed to workstations, reducing authorized users to

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