Va Prison Observation

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On September 6, 2016 at 1943 hours, VA Police observed a white male Veteran attempting to open the main doors after they were secured for the night. VA Police made contact with the Veteran, who stated that his appointment ran late and he was trying to leave. VA police advised the Veteran that he was not allowed to open doors that were secured. VA Police escorted the Veteran to the Memorial Garden door and allowed him to leave without incident. Origin:
While conducting the evening check, Ofc Curran dispatched me to the main doors for an unknown person attempting to open them.

Upon arrival I observed a white male, identified has Veteran Kenneth Bracewell opening the interior main door. Bracewell was wearing a white t-shirt, black paints and gray shoe’s.
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He did admit to trying to open both sets of doors to leave. I informed him that once the doors were secured he could not exits those doors. Further when the main doors are secure he could exit through the Memorial Garden doors that secure behind him. I escorted Bracewell to Memorial Garden, where he departed VA controlled property without
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