Vacation : Cologne, Germany Vs. Kingston, Jamaica

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Vacation: Cologne, Germany vs. Kingston, Jamaica Each and every person has their own idea of paradise. Millions of vacations are taken on every continent each year, and each country, state, and town holds an entire different world of adventure. For some, a beach with a calm breeze maximizes relaxation, for others, it may be a frigid mountain top. I, on the other hand, enjoy all sorts of vacation types. I enjoy fast pace adventure just as much as I enjoy slow pace admiration. Both Cologne and Kingston will most definitely provide me with the vacation of a life time, but my overall experience with each will differ in the way that I will travel, the excursions I will take, and the food that I will eat. Traveling to Cologne is the same as traveling to Kingston, but upon entering the towns, transportation takes a very different turn. Cologne is a more modernized area, and many well organized bus routes are driven every hour on the hour. Bus Passes in Cologne are offered for only $11.99 a day; this price is far more inexpensive than renting a car or calling five taxis a day. Travel with a bus pass is very simple, and there is most definitely a bus route that will take one wherever they wish to go (“Transportation”). Kingston, on the other hand, is at a far faster pace. Bus stops are overcrowded, and one could possibly be forced to wait up to an hour to even catch a ride. Kingston offers taxis and rental cars just as every other place, but if one is on a tight budget,

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