Vacation Vs My Dream Vacation

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My Typical Vacation vs. My Dream Vacation I take a vacation every year, and every year it's the same thing – a week of camping at a campground one hour from our home. But I dream of a vacation in which I take a cruise to some exotic location or stay at an all-inclusive resort on an island where I can be pampered and thrilled at the same time. Both of these vacations are good, and both certainly offer me time away from work in which I can have a respite from impending deadlines, a demanding boss, and grumbling clients. In addition, both can even offer me the outdoor time soaking up the natural world my spirit seems to need. And to be clear, family memories, which are so important to me, can be made on both vacations. Yet, the differences between my dream vacation and my typical camping vacation are distinct, which is why I still yearn for that dream vacation that I have yet to take. To begin with, both vacations are different in purpose. We go camping because it is inexpensive; raising children costs money, and camping is an inexpensive yet fun way for us to make family memories yet still afford things for the children like nice clothes, extracurricular activities like football and piano lessons, and fun activities like going bowling with friends. The cost of a camping vacation is minimal, particularly if we use the same supplies year after year. We sleep on the ground in a tent we have used for ten years. We cook our own food over a campfire, and our daily
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