Vacations are usually the only occasion when one can just sit and relax. It is the time to savor in

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Vacations are usually the only occasion when one can just sit and relax. It is the time to savor in all the favorable elements of life. Recreation allows people to have fun and create a balance and harmony in life that will maintain wellness (Walker, 2013). Each vacation is unique in its own form through different experiences. It creates opportunities to cultivate relationships, learn new skills and interests, and be stress free. According to the U.S. Travel Association, more than three out of four trips accounts for 78 percent of trips taken for leisure purposes. The top leisure activities for domestic travelers are visiting relatives and friends, shopping, fine dining, and beaches.

The Tequesta Indians first discovered Florida more
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It was booked for mid March during the school spring break period for about one week.

School and work can make one’s life quite busy and hectic as there is very little time to be able to relax. A week break seems fair enough to be able to take a stress free vacation to rest and relax. The flight was quite short and as soon as the aircraft has landed, one is able to efficiently leave and receive luggage in the main terminal. As exiting the main terminal, there are many airport staff aide to assist with getting a cab for the final destination. For someone coming in from the Northern Virginia area, being in Miami is practically like being in a different country. The city is surrounded by palm trees and alluring bodies of water, that seem to thrill one of what is to come next. Upon arrival at the Fontainebleu Hotel on Collins Avenue, the staff is readily available to assist and provide luggage assistance to the check-in desk. The hotel is located in the heart of South Beach, making one’s view of the oceanfront sensational and breathtaking. It has more to offer than just hotel accommodations, the hotel has some of the best restaurants, nightclubs, shops, and spa. Restaurants include the FB Steakhouse, Hakkasan, Michael Mina 74, and Scarpetta. LIV nightclub is over 18,000 square feet and hours of operation are Wednesday through Sunday
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