Vaccinating Children Should Be A Must

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Kinzie Jensen Professor Schneider English 120 3 May 2015 Vaccinating Children Should be a Must As humans, we have been taught about the “Black Plague” simply what it was, what it did, why and where it came from. Children, adults, and elderly were all impacted from such a virus that could not be stopped. The impact it made on history is indescribable. The amount of lives lost due to no vaccinations back during that time frame is proof of what life would be like without vaccinations. In today’s generation it is important that we vaccinate our children. The risk of viruses and diseases in today’s society is right in front of us. Choosing not to vaccinate is a mistake made and regretted. There are more than just viruses that vaccinations…show more content…
“Vaccination is the process of giving a vaccine. Immunization is the process of acquiring immunity. Vaccination may or may not bring about immunization. Immunization may be acquired naturally, without a vaccine” (Byrnie 3). So basically, a major difference is that one is given through a shot which would be a vaccine, while immunization is acquired through immunity. There of course, is other differences between the two, the process of how is given is one that many are not certain of and tend to think that they are both really the same thing. Vaccinations can be given in different forms, such as a shot, or as a nasal spray. Vaccines are there to help protect people from many different types of life threatening diseases, some of those diseases wiping out millions of people because it could not be controlled. Throughout years vaccines have advanced, they have multiple purposes. The amount of protection that vaccines give children is something that many people take for granted if they decide not to vaccinate their children. The risk of children both vaccinated and non-vaccinated is then a concern, therefore leading to the main point that children should be required to be vaccinated. As time goes on, our world will be faced with more life threatening diseases, the speed at which they will spread will be uncontrollable. For instance, say a traveler is traveling to a foreign country via airplane. In
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