Vaccinating Death And Its Effects On Children

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Vaccinating Towards Death “Vaccines save lives; fear endangers them it’s simply a message parents need to keep hearing”(Kluger). Even before babies are born doctors ask the parents permission to vaccinate the child when he or she is born, not just with one vaccine but with several. At that age, there is no choice. Of course the parents want to protect the child from any harmful disease and keep them safe and healthy. Vaccines have both positive and negative effects. Vaccination could cause many negative effects, and even possibly resulting in death. Don’t take the chance in infecting the child because know one is certain the effects it could bring for a lifetime. Not getting vaccinated can save a lifetime of serious health problems…show more content…
Taking risks is plain a simple but most of the time parents don’t make the right choice. Some vaccines are more protecting than others, for example MMr provides 90% protection against measles after one dose ( How Vaccines Work 14). Vaccinations are given so the body can build up immunity against a specific disease at any point in time. The body builds antibodies that are ready to fight if the disease ever becomes present in the body. Getting a vaccine is just a way of tricking the body to think that it’s under attack so the body will make antibodies and fight against a real infection if needed (“How Do Vaccines Work” 13). When the vaccine is injected and the dead germ, right away the body starts fighting like it’s the real disease (“How Do Vaccines Work” 13 ). When a new vaccine is introduced it is offered to a specific group of people. When people in a community all get the vaccine they have a lower or no risk at all for the disease ( “How Vaccines Work” 14). Many people question the studies of vaccinations and why it would be a good idea to give adults, children, elderly and even newborns a form of a disease. At those ages’ immunity levels are all different, so how could they be sure that it was going to work? When babies are born they are immune to some diseases because they received some antibodies from their mother’s placenta (“How Do Vaccines Work” 13). The vaccine that had been given and the antibodies the body created
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